Dr. Goebbels’ message to Mocha and Even

Were Dr. Goebbels alive today, he would probably send this message to President Rody’s self-styled “propagandists”.

My dear Mocha and Even,

Greetings from the Great Beyond. You do not know how much pleasure it has given me to finally have a worthy successor, and one who might even go beyond the work of the master! I, Dr. Joseph Goebbels,  also known as Dr. Skeletor in the Hitler Downfall parodies, has despaired of  having a worthy successor to continue my work as “Chief Propagandist”.

Like your master, President Rodrigo Duterte, you are also under attack  from the “paid”,”biased” and  Pro-U.S. media, and also under fire from people who hate your master, thinking they have done something for their Motherland.  But they have not. Be firm, as always. Attack those imperialists, for imperialists they are. Do they not know that what they’re doing is cause for libel?

Do they not realize that one day, when three million drug users and addicts are killed, there will be peace, and the only problem that your country will face is the Chinese and the Russians?

Do they not realize that their paid mediamen and journalists will face time in prison for taking the opposition’s line? Do they not realize that their beloved ABS-CBN, CNN Philippines and other media outlets would be merged and from their ruins, a new, government-run media would arise? Do they also not realize that Ferdinand Marcos, the man who they revile, is the “Horst Wessel” of the Philippines?

One tool that we did not have in the 1930’s and 1940’s is Social Media. Thank God you have it as a tool to spread propaganda, and do not mind those who keep on reporting to Facebook to shut down and close your propaganda outlets.

Spit on those imperialists and traitors, my dear Mocha and Even. You are my heirs to my work, not those sanctimonious bastards from ABS-CBN, TV5, GMA7, CNN Philippines, and their paid hacks working on the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency.

My only criticism, Comrade Mocha, is that you grab credit of others and give it to a man who has yet to do good to the transport sector. Thank God, during my time, the people believed what we were saying, but little did they knew about their doom.

Be firm. Do not hesitate. And, as always, post first, criticize and attack later.


Dr. Joseph Goebbels


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