My answer to die-hard Duterte Supporters

Since I have been bashed, like Mystica and Ramon Bautista, for me being against Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, and also going too far to ask me to shut the fuck up and not to attack their obnoxious, dictator-like candidate, I have a few questions for you assholes.

  1. What is the root cause of all crime and poverty in this country?
  2. From Cory Aquino up to the current President, why is poverty continuing up to now?
  3. If these presidents promised to alleviate poverty, what are those programs and are there any results?
  4. What is Mayor Duterte’s platforms for this country and what will it do us good?
  5. Kung sakali ipatupad ni Mayor Duterte ang planong niyang Nationwide Alcohol and Cigarette Ban, sino ang makikinabang?
  6. Kung sakaling ibalik ni Mayor Duterte ang Mandatory ROTC, sisiguaduhin ba niya na walang magaganap na hazing?

So instead of bashing me just because I support the Liberal Party, dito ninyo na akong batuhin! Kung wala kayong maisagot ni isa sa mga tanong ko, that means mga mangmang, utak-biya, ignorante, at puro hangin ang utak!



  1. Duterte Fanatic 101 · December 20, 2015

    sa blog mo palang halatang marami ka nang problema sa buhay.. tama ba? saan ba nagbabato itong blog na ito? ba’t ka nagmumura? inaano ka ba nila?

    at sino-sino naman ang mga nag-babash sa inyo. baka kasi mali ang binibitawan mong mga words, like in this blog. that’s why they went far kasi baka masyado kang mabunganga. alam mo namang nag-totop si duterte sa survey ibig sabihin marami syang taga-suporta tapos ikaw one in a million ka lang So tama: SHUT THE FUCK UP. malay mo, isang araw, bigla ka na lang barilin na hindi mo alam

    you know, we’re just FANS. And as fans we only repeat or idolize what our idol is saying. so tanungin mo na lang yan kay idol namin kasi magaganda naman ang mga tanong mo eh.

    1. Too much corruption, especially in the past administration, is the root cause of poverty in the Philippines. In the last 10 years, we witnessed how our leaders actively promoted cheating and stealing. Poverty is the root cause of CRIME. If there’s poverty, there’s crime. If there’s corruption, there’s poverty.
    2. Because of corruption. Didn’t need to explain.
    3. Lahat naman ng mga presidente mayroong poverty solutions eh. Medyo progressive naman pero paunti-unti nakakaasar.
    4. If you’re not shutting the fuck up and then you know what are his platforms and what are the results. In this blog post, you’re showing na makitid lang talaga utak mo.
    5. If you are president, of course, ang buong nasyon ang makikinabang sa law na ipinatupad mo. It will make the whole nation to be disciplined and thus, a bit like first-world countries like Singapore, etc. Pati chewing gum bawal idura sa kalsada eh.
    6. Kung sino mag-hahazing siguradong papatayin nya just to show to others that hazing is a crime.


    • emman1035 · December 28, 2015

      Oh really? A few days ago, I just read a post saying that your idol plans to strengthen the PNP and the AFP. The last time this was done was way back in the 1970’s during the Martial Law era? And with a bit of discipline, we would be like Singapore? Oh come on. I’ve already heard that phrase from a Senator whose name is stained with mud. And you dare call me “makitid ang utak” and asking me to shut the fuck up? I’m just stating my opinion, and if it gets me killed, like Ninoy Aquino, then so be it. Like what Mr. Generoso Cupal said, and I quote “At sinong gago ang nagsabi sa iyo na ibase sa blog ko ang pagboto mo sa 2016? “Nasaan ang difference of opinions? Kaya parang M16 ang bibig ng mga solid fans ni Digong eh. It’s all talk talk talk.


  2. Duterte Fanatic 101 · January 7, 2016

    for me, i dont see any problem about strengthening the PNP and the AFP. Remember, those institutions are, if not one, the weakest in Asia. Looking for candidates other than him, I don’t think that’ll be the one of their first priorities. To be at par with, sabihin na lang natin, the armed forces of our ASEAN neighbors, it should be one of the very first in the checklist. also note that those institutions will SERVE and PROTECT the Filipino people.

    My idol promised 3-6 months peace in Mindanao by negotiating with such things that will further lengthen our discussion/debate. Dammit, maybe that peace will last forever, who knows?

    If you haven’t read enough, Mr. Matuwid na daan has been under this controversy of selling Mindanao to Malaysia. And also giving the rebels weapons and millions of pesos instead of just giving it to the needy. Now, kung si Roxas o si Binay ang umupo, who knows?

    ang sabi ko sa comment, ‘bit like Singapore’… hindi ‘with a bit of discipline.’ And I’m not asking you to SHUT THE FUCK UP.. I’m telling you that para hindi ka mapahamak kasi maraming taga-suporta si Duterte… tulad ko… Do you think the nation will discover your blog? Rookie ka palang.. Have you done SEO? If so, you’re still safe of being ambushed and killed

    Your reply to me is not constructive. Ay juskopo, if you really want to be a good and well-known blogger, state your facts.

    Me, basing at your blog para malaman ko kung sino iboboto ko? We all have our opinions my dear…

    baka nagsisinungaling ka lang about people bashing you. and if online yan, WHO ARE YOU? Are you disagreeing with the statements na binibitawan ng taga-suporta ni Duterte kung bakit nya iboboto si idol eh ang tinanong mo lang kung sino ang iboboto nya sa 2016????! Careless in your words, oh ghad.


    • Emman_1035 · May 5, 2016

      FYI, your idol has alliances with the CPP-NPA. And our military does not like that. And if he wins, only 1/3 of the population and the CPP-NPA would support him. And where is your evidence that PNoy sold Sabah to Malaysia? MERON BA? Wala. And 3-6 months? What a vague idea. Sino ba ang tanga na makakagawa nyan? Siya lang. And who cares na mapahamak ako? I’m willing to die for the truth and country. And WHO AM I? I’m the man who is fighting your Presidentiable. I’m the man who is fighting BBM. So I tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP bago kita kasuhan sa DOJ.


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