You can bury a man, but you cannot change history

Like many of the anti-Marcos crowds who were awaiting the decision, at 1:00 PM, PST, I was stunned to hear that the SC has ruled in favor of the Marcoses. That is one decision that they pulled a dick move on. And according to Marcosian statistics, 30% are anti-Marcos? Come on. Unlike you goddamned Nazi fanatics, I know historical facts that can never be changed, like the U.S. Army records that show Marcos never founded “Ang Maharlikha” and that his boasting that he is the hero of Bessang Pass was never true.

Aside from that, you fucktards are quoting Bongbong Marcos and asking me to move on. How can we move on when there are wounds left unhealed? How can we move on when you have not apologized for all the crimes you have done against the Filipino people? Like what Mang Boni Ilagan just said on TV Patrol a few minutes ago, if we want to heal this country and move on,

1. The Marcoses should acknowledge their patriarch’s crimes against the thousand of Filipinos that are missing, killed or tortured.
2. They should also return all ill-gotten wealth.

Yes, I agree with Mang Boni, since it is naturally right! Look at Germany. They acknowledged that the Holocaust happened, apologized to Israel, and became their biggest firearms exporter. If Germany can do it, why can’t we? You can bury a man, but you cannot change what happened in the dark page of our country’s history. To quote George Santayana, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. And in Justice Marvic Leonen’s words “Ferdinand Marcos is no hero. Therefore, his remaines SHOULD NOT BE TRANSFERRED TO THE LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI”.

And apparently, I am besieged on all sides, by “Friends” who say I should move on. Do you not know that my grandfather was among the people who fought in EDSA in 1986? Do you not know that I lost someone related to me during those dark days? Do they not know how it’s hard to fight for your principles when people are ridiculing you? I’ve done that, and my teachers acknowledged my principles. And if you dare attack me, I suggest you unfollow me. Ganyan naman ang sistema ngayon, di ba? Pinapatay ang mga ayaw sa administrasyon para patahimikin sila. Ganyan ang tingin ninyo sa akin, di ba? Kaaway ng administrasyon. Ganyan ba??? Tangina.

To end this essay, let me quote APO Hiking Society’s vocalist Jim Paredes. “Let me be Presidential and express myself. PUTANG INA. Hero ba yan? Putang Ina! Wala bang na-torture? Napatay? Nanakaw? PUTANG INA!”


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