A new station in the Republic?

There are rumors in the grapevine that there is going to be two new stations, and both are based in Metro Manila. There are rumblings that it might be on the 87.5 MHz frequency and the 104.3 MHz frequency , both owned by the Philippine Broadcasting Service.

Let’s just say that there are officially two government stations in the FM band today. One is the present 104.3 DWBR-FM, where radio jocks like Bob Novales, George Boone, Jun Sta. Ana, among others, go on air.

The other one is the recently secured 87.5 frequency. This one apparently will have a CHR format that will go up against the likes of Magic, RX, Play, among others.

The 104.3 frequency will be very interesting though in the coming days. From the teaser, it says it will be Metro Manila’s Hit Back Music Station, so expect music from the 80’s and 90’s to dominate the playlist. But the one thing I’m really very excited is the roster of top-tiered DJ’s, soon to be announced. The cast is extremely stellar – perhaps the best assembly of DJ talents since 101.1 KISS-FM of 1985 or RT of the 90’s.

To give you a clue, two of perhaps the best DJ’s in FM radio history are projected to be together in this project. A third one is perhaps one of the most innovative radio executives ever. It will be a combination of radio personalities coming from RT, KISS, Magic and K-Lite.

Not only that, PBS-BBS recently created an FM Radio division, which was tasked by Bong “Sonny B.” Aportadera, the head of PBS, and recently from 99.5 Play FM, to overhaul the station. The division is said to be headed by Carlo Jose Villo.

Four days ago, George Boone announced on his Facebook page that his show “Fresh” will have its last broadcast on DWBR this Friday morning.  My theory on the two new stations that:

FM 1 is CHR/Pop, which would compete with Magic, RX, Play, Home Radio and Mellow.

FM2 might be Classic Hits/Hot AC, which would compete with RJ 100 and Retro 105.9, plus new from the PBS AM stations.


Again, this is pure speculation. We better wait and see what’s gonna happen on Monday.



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