Fraternally yours: Adolf’s message to Rody

Author’s Note: This is a repost of Mr. Walden Bello’s Rappler post, which I truly loved. For the benefit of those who have Rappler blocked, here it is.

If Hitler were alive today, he would probably send this message to his latest self-declared admirer.

My dear Rody:

You seem to have shocked the world with your comparing your plan to kill three million drug users to my slaughtering three million Jews. If I may make a slight correction, it was six million Jews. And please do not make the same mistake.

You adopted the right strategy. Shock and awe and disarm. Claim you will kill three million, and if you kill only a million, people will say, he’s not so bad after all. He can be reasoned with. They might even call you a liberal. Psychological disarmament of the enemy, as I demonstrated in Munich, is half the battle won.

I want to inform you though that killing even a million undesirables takes organization. You can profit from our mistakes. We began with firing squads, but our troops just could not keep up with the great numbers of Jews, Slavs, and other sub-humans that had to be disposed of. It was only after three years that we hit upon the solution of industrial extermination via gas chambers and crematoria.

However, you lack the capital and time to build such facilities. So my suggestion is that you make use of the asset that the Philippines has such a great supply of: labor. 16 million people voted for you. If you can mobilize even just 100,000 of them, to supplement the 100,000 members of the Philippine National Police, you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your promise. Many of those who voted for you fit the profile of bullies, what you call “butangeros.” Others are fanatics who will do whatever you say. These are the two personality types that you ought to recruit. Forget the rest; they’re unreliable. Organize these selected types into a fraternity like my SS or SA and initiate them to their task by organizing manhunts for undesirables. There is no better method of learning than on-the-job training and nothing binds a group more tightly than the shared experience of shedding blood.

Like our comrade Idi Amin, I am worried that you continue to be lenient with the media. I disagree, however, with his recommendation that you terrorize all your critics into submission. Goebbels tells me you can actually buy off 90 percent of the press with money or appointments like diplomatic posts. In this regard, your appointing Locsin Ambassador to the UN was a master stroke. Now, this former human rights advocate is even justifying my getting rid of the Jews! Goebbels was right: Everyone has his price.

Or nearly everyone. There will always be that 10 percent that will resist bribery. These people can be framed on drug charges or simply eliminated through well planned “incidents” or “accidents.” You are, of course, the expert in such methods.

On the Americans, I fully support your strategy of attacking them rhetorically but not moving to evict them. You have to score points with the nationalists, and the Americans understand that. Remember, you may be a fascist like me, but so long as you serve US security interests, they will back you. Of course, you may be criticized by the human rights desk at the State Department, but you have many friends at the CIA and the Pentagon who prize stability above all in a socially turbulent country like yours and choke when they have to pay obeisance to such vapid concepts as “human rights” and “democracy.”

As for the Chinese, be very wary of them. I know their dictatorial style fits your temperament, but they are serious about driving the Americans from Asia. You might think you can manipulate them, but they will swallow you whole. You are better off with the Americans than with those cunning heirs of Stalin and Mao.

On the local communists, you know of course that the German Bolsheviks were my mortal enemies. But I understand the game you are playing with your communists in appointing them to key positions: you want to implicate them in your repressive actions so that they would lose credibility and legitimacy among the people and thereby cease to be a real threat. I also made a deal with Stalin, so I could secure my eastern front as I attacked in the west, so I understand you occasionally need to make a pact with the devil to achieve the greater good.

On your political opponents and allies, I admire the way you have destroyed the Liberal Party simply by offering them morsels like committee chairmanships in the House and Senate in return for their loyalty. They have been totally tamed, except of course for that woman de Lima, who I know you will permanently neutralize at the opportune time.

I would be more worried by some of your current “friends” – the people who have jumped on your bandwagon to advance their ambitions and could easily betray you at the opportune moment. I refer in particular to Gordon, Cayetano, and Marcos, who wear their ambition to be your successor on their sleeves. I had to order the extra-judicial execution of such ambitious freewheeling individuals like Rohm and Strasser during the Night of the Long Knives. You might have to do the same at some point.

I would like to end by congratulating you on your biggest coup, which was to call yourself a socialist. Little did your backers know that you meant a National Socialist like me. The big German capitalists like I.G. Farben and Krupp ended up enthusiastically backing me since I saved them from the Communists. I notice that Ramon Ang of San Miguel is now praising you to high heavens as the country’s savior, and other oligarchs are falling in line. Of course, some of your followers who expected you to initiate a social revolution will be greatly disappointed. But they were willing dupes, and such people get what they deserve. They will never understand that supermen like us are beyond ordinary morality.

Oh, one last thing. Forgive me but my followers do not allow me to alter the racial hierarchy. They gave me so much trouble when I conferred the title of “honorary Aryans” to our Japanese allies during the Second World War. They have said that being Malay, you belong to one of the inferior Mongol races. But I think I can lobby successfully to at least make you an equal of the Mediterranean race. Anyway, what are a few racial sub-categories between friends? And the important thing, after all, is not to be classified a Jew or drug user or an anti-fascist dog.

Fraternally yours,

Adolf Hitle


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