True Love Waits or Love, now na?

A gigantic tarpaulin mounted at the campus entrance reminds students of the school policy on romance between students. (photo courtesy of


There is a school in Cagayan De Oro City that imposes a “true love waits” policy on its students to prevent teenage pregnancy. The said school forbids its students from having a romantic relationship with the opposite sex as long as they are enrolled in the said school.

A gigantic tarpaulin mounted at the campus entrance reminds students of the school’s policy. The same prohibition is also printed on teachers’ uniforms. School president Capt. Tito Dichosa said his only wish is for his students to finish college. He added that he gets frustrated whenever a student gets pregnant and stops studying. Last school year, six students were expelled from the school for violating the prohibition.


As a student, I strongly condemn this rule. Why? If you place this rule on High School and College, hahanap at hahanap sila ng paraan para magkaroon ng romance, mas lalo na kung pupunta lang sa computer shop para gumawa ng assignment ang paalam sa magulang, yun pala, sa Hotel Sogo o motel ang puntahan para mag-MOMOL. Not only that, this policy never works, because you cannot stop us, you damn pricks. And if this was spread nationwide, no one will follow. Why? Because we’re gonna go to Hotel Sogo, motels and inns to make MOMOL at walang makakapigil sa amin.


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