Delicadeza or Moving On? The Ferdinand Marcos burial issue, explained

I refrain from going to this issue, knowing that Rodrigoons and Marcos Loyalists are going to put me on their shoot-to-kill list, knowing that I hate their idol and very against their devious plan of burying the former dictator  at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani. So here’s my honest-to goodness opinion on this issue.

In my opinion, the former dictator SHOULD NOT BE BURIED in the LNMB. Why? Not only because he declared Martial Law, but because of his fraudulent military record. According to the “authorized” biographies of Mr. Marcos, he spent the first days of 1942 by ambushing a company of Japanese cyclists, killing 40 and turning back the rest.  Another fallacy is that he defended Bessang Pass singlehanded and created his own guerilla group called “Ang Maharlikha”.  And get this: There are evidences that prove that 11 of his 33 medals are earned during his war years were just merely decorations when he was just running for the Senate. And there is no record in the U.S. Army about his guerilla group, so it means he’s NO HERO!

If I were to be asked, I would use delicadeza because burying Marcos would be like committing suicide! Why? It’s like saying that Voldemort is a hero. Not only that, we would dishonor those who died during that era! My goodness! In fact those who died during Martial Law deserve to be buried there than him!



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