Author’s note: This is not politics as usual. But there are some sensitive topics that are addressed because of the lack of Quality Education. This also serves as my reflection on my topic.

Quality Education in the Philippines has a long way to go, because of the 16 million people who voted our current president, and the lies made up by Mocha Uson (yes, that Mocha Uson of Mocha Girls fame and a well-known supporter of Duterte) and Even Demata (a.k.a. Jerry Ocampo). It also has a long way to go, because of them Marcos Loyalists, and also, of the lack of classrooms, low salary for teachers, and other factors.

I would agree, because this is quite correct. Why? Is it because we have a president who is hates the United States and the West,  a Communist, kisses the ass of China and Russia, and says bad words to POTUS, the Pope and others,  is it because the Marcos Loyalists are out brainwashing students and actively campaigning for Bongbong Marcos during the elections, or is it the lack of quality education?

In my opinion, it is ALL OF THE ABOVE. Why? Because teachers wouldn’t teach students sensitive topics like Martial Law, which is my example.  Teachers born in the 1980’s would say to students, “Noong panahon ni Marcos, maginhawa ang buhay…(During the time of Marcos, life was good…)”,  “Noong panahon ni Marcos, tahimik,” (During the time of Marcos, it was quiet), “Noong panahon ni Marcos, maganda ang ekonomiya” (During the time of Marcos, we had a good economy) and other brainwashing you might encounter.

It’s all lies. Why? Does the teacher know about the people tortured, killed or missing during that time? I guess not, because he/she grew up when Apo Lakay  was in his twilight years, then EDSA I happened.

If this country wants to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education, then teachers should teach the true story of Martial Law to students, let them listen to the stories of Martial Law victims like Lili Hilao, Lorena Barios, Archie Trajano, Evelio Javier, and Primitivo and Boyet Mijares, and let students read books like “The Conjugal Dictatorship”, “Dekada ’70” to name a few. I recall reading an article in the Facebook group Never Again:No to Dictators and Martial Law that in Germany, their Department of Education sets field trips to the Nazi concentration camps in Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and other camps.

If the Philippines wants to achieve the Quality Education stated in the UN SDG, then stop denying that Martial Law never happened! Stop giving a hero’es burial to Mr. Marcos! Apologize to the people and to the victims of Martial Law! That way, the brainwashing can stop, and students like me can achieve a quality education.


P.S. This is just my two cents on the matter of quality education, mixed with a Martial Law flavor.



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