An open letter to Mocha Uson

Author’s Note: This is an open letter for Ms. Mocha Uson, who I hear, is making waves in social media for her publicized love for Mayor Rody Duterte and anything related to authoritarianism.


Dear Ms. Uson,

First of all, I have respect for you since I grew up listening to your songs on the radio and I used to listen to a local radio station when you were interviewed.

I have read your posts on your page and was horrified at what I saw. It’s what you wrote against other people who the youth look up to just because they endorsed Mr. Mar Roxas. I know you would accuse me of being paid by the Liberal Party for writing this, and, allow me to explain. I am doing this because of my hatred for dictatorships and what it brings like censorship of the press, extrajudicial killings, torture and the “silencing” of his critics.  Is that what you want? Only you and other Duterte supporters want it as part of their “change”. But the people do not want it, since we overthrew Ferdiand E. Marcos in 1986. And what, you want to avenge Makoy by supporting Duterte? We do not need a president who womanizes (like Marcos, who has the Dovie Beams affair, and Estrada), condones extrajudicial killings, and has no morals. By saying p***** i**  in front of  national television and attacking Pope Francis, he has earned the ire of Catholics, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and other groups.

Imagine the situation when he wins, his first edict is to declare Martial Law for “peace and order’. He would also return mandatory ROTC since in his words “the youth spend more time holding a cellphone than a rifle.”, ban Clash of Clans, Facebook, and other social media sites, and close the free press. Also, he would eliminate his critics.

Is that what you want? I suggest you read your history books and watch Batas Militar documentary, since it would help change your mind. I respect your opinion, but I think it’s like selling your soul to the devil.



the author of this blog.


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