Nice plan, Mr. Mayor, but shame on you!

Editor’s Note: This is a follow-up to my first blog post, entitled “my question to Duterte supporters”. This is a series of posts against Dutere’s plans and my answer to their allegations of me being Mar Roxas’ “lapdog”, and allegations of me being insane.


First, allow me wish each and everyone of you a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to y’all.

So, like I said in part one,  Duterte plans to reestablish Martial Law in the Philippines to make sure the Filipino people are disciplined like what Ferdinand Marcos tried to do in 1972, and he did until EDSA 1986 came and restored Democracy.

Three decades ago, Filipinos overthrew a dictator and installed a saint to power. Now, we’re flirting with the same system that we overthrew back in 1986. I heard from my sources down south that it’s all quiet. No fireworks during New Year. No smokers. No minors allowed in computer shops past 10PM (literally, no DoTA, Clash of Clans, League of Legends, etc.). If he plans to impose this to the people, I fearlessly predict that it won’t work. Why?

Let me iterate.

  1. There are many computer shops in the whole Philippines, all with DOTA, LoL, etc. If Duterte plans to close it all, I guess, he’ll need backing from concerned citizens who hate computer shops and have them impose a moratorium. Also he will put out a decree , stating that every touchscreen phone would be registered to make sure there’s no Clash of Clans game in it.
  2.  The return of Mandatory ROTC. In 2002, it was banned because of an hazing incident at the University of Santo Tomas. Now he plans to return it because in his words “the youth spend more time with their cellphones than holding a rifle”. I guess students would be up in arms since in High School, they took up CAT class, and in college, this? As he would say, Putanginang yan.
  3. The Nationwide Smoking and Liquor Ban. Yes, the hardnuts at DOH would be happy because they got their gift. And those who would be up in arms are the tobacco and liquor companies.
  4. Fireworks Ban. It looks like those fireworks makers in Bocaue would be up in arms too because they won’t even have a Happy New Year.

There you have it. That is what he wants when he is elected president. And oh, if you hate him, I recommend you start speaking out, since it would do us good.



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