My answer to die-hard Duterte Supporters

Since I have been bashed, like Mystica and Ramon Bautista, for me being against Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, and also going too far to ask me to shut the fuck up and not to attack their obnoxious, dictator-like candidate, I have a few questions for you assholes.


  1. What is the root cause of all crime and poverty in this country?
  2. From Cory Aquino up to the current President, why is poverty continuing up to now?
  3. If these presidents promised to alleviate poverty, what are those programs and are there any results?
  4. What is Mayor Duterte’s platforms for this country and what will it do us good?
  5. Kung sakali ipatupad ni Mayor Duterte ang planong niyang Nationwide Alcohol and Cigarette Ban, sino ang makikinabang?
  6. Kung sakaling ibalik ni Mayor Duterte ang Mandatory ROTC, sisiguaduhin ba niya na walang magaganap na hazing?


So instead of bashing me just because I support the Liberal Party, dito ninyo na akong batuhin! Kung wala kayong maisagot ni isa sa mga tanong ko, that means mga mangmang, utak-biya, ignorante, at puro hangin ang utak!


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